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Paris Hilton Vs. Nicole Richie

The Battle of the Tabloid Goddesses

Paris Hilton Vs. Nicole Richie Icon Challenge
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Paris Hilton x Nicole Richie

This community is well, my true love. I love Paris Hilton and I adore Nicole Richie. I hate that they have sort of "divorced" each other, but who knows... Anyway, lovely challenge that includes BOTH amazing rich girls that we love to hate!

How Things Work
Each week a challenge will include pictures of Paris or Nicole (or both, in which case it is considered a Battle Challenge). The challenge will start either Friday-Monday, and will end on a Friday. Depends on the time I have to post a CLEAR and NEAT challenge for you all.

Rules of the Community
Here are the RULES that must never be broken.

-USE only the pictures given to you unless stated otherwise
-DO NOT use icons nor SHARE them till voting is done and results have been posted
-ALL icons must be originals; use no previously made icons
-VOTE honestly; do not vote for yourself, nor for your friends because they ASKED you to. That is cheating.
-Be KIND and do not BASH in this community. There are plenty of communities out there for you to do that.

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